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Is This Necceassy?

Well we have not been assigned to post anything to this blog for quite some time now. I don’t know if i should even be writing this post right now or not. Ravens are atop of their division so i am in a good mood and Louisville finally lost, and it was a BIG EAST GAME! Rutgers ontop of the Big East, Ravens on top of the AFC North. Life is good. Ravens play the steelers twice in the next 3 weeks. Weird scheduling but Big Ben is out!!!! Byron¬† Leftwich is going to fry.

The Human Joystick

Still consider this one of the best moves of all time

Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve

This one made me chuckle

I’m Jawan One

I’m Jawan One

Dirty Move. Enough Said. Hit em’ with the circle button.



Sitting here in the satellite lab, which i must say i prefer over the normal classroom because of the computers. I am a bit upset that the Ravens were beaten badly yesterday by the Texans, but i expected as much the game following the announcement of Ray Lewis’s season ending injury. Suggs looks like hes ready to come back and play but it sucks that Webb was injured for the entire season too. I’m excited for the Rutgers homecoming game, already got my ticket. I don’t wanna jinx anything but i’m feeling as if though this is the year…


Screen Cast on Threads About Threads

Screen casting proved to be fairly easy to do. The link to the screen cast tutorial did not work for me so i just youtubed a similar video. This tool is very interesting. I could imagine companies with web pages use this to ctritique their web designers on their work. Any company that has an interactive wed design, especially with products for sale could benefit from this. Companies could even ask for user reviews if they wanted to know what consumers did not like about their web pages. Web design is ever important in this technological world we live in. Jing allows web surfers to comment on web pages and expres their opinions. I cant imagine i will be using screen casting too much in the future. I liked the assignment and i had fun and all but i can’t see why i would need to do this again.

I thought about entering this as a link or hyperlinking the url but rather i will let you copy and paste the url and waste 3 precious seconds of your lives.


Mosey On Over Podcast

Mosey On Over Podcast

Going into this assignment i was not to worried with what was assigned. I had made plenty of audio file and songs on iTunes in high school and figured i would breeze through this assignment. Unfortunately the interface for iTunes had changed since my high school days and i found my self dealing with a new control scheme. Rather than watching the tutorial videos ( let’s be real here) i opted to toy around with the new controls. After 15 minutes of ¬†frustration by brian and error i figured out how to operate the interface. I used 2 deadmau5 sound clips from my friends iTunes Project 56. Oh yeah, i opted to do this project at my friends house so i could use his macbook and play some mario strikers. The songs are entitled Hardly Noticeable and No Clue. I shared the file and sent it to iTunes. I had a bit trouble uploading the files to my google drive at first but it proved to be very easy. I hope who ever listens enjoys my commercial and the blog even more. Mosey On Over.

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